Monday, November 23, 2009

Rain Gardens: A Beautiful Solution to Water Pollution

A rain garden is an attractive landscape feature that can easily be installed to manage stormwater runoff and protect the quality of our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans. A rain garden typically receives runoff water from roofs and other impervious (hard) surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks. They act as a natural filtration system to keep contaminants out of our waterways. The rain garden holds water in the landscape so that it can drain into the ground and be taken up by plants, instead of flowing into a street and down a storm drain or drainage ditch. They also are a great way to conserve irrigation water.

The Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Leadership Class of 2010 wants to foster the installation of rain gardens throughout our community as a way to protect our delicate Lowcountry ecology, and to promote the conservation of our precious water resources.

If you have questions about the rain garden initiative, please email us at:

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